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korean red ginseng for hard erections

Korean Red Ginseng for Hard Erections. Natural Viagra. Order Now

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that afflicts a significant proportion of males in the world, and loss of libido is a problem that is common to both men and women. Korean Red Ginseng made from 6 year mature ginseng roots has been shown to be effective in improving the energy levels in both men and women, and in enhancing the sexual energy. Korean Red Ginseng boosts your energy levels, and results in the flow of more blood to your penile muscles leading to harder and longer erections. For women, Korean Red Ginseng results in more blood flowing to the vaginal area, leading to increased arousal and lubrication. Women also feel more energetic and look forward to the sexual pleasure on a more frequent basis. Overall, Korean Red Ginseng is a safe alternative to chemicals such as Viagara. Studies have shown that a regimen that includes two capsules of Korean Red Ginseng and at least 30 minutes of brisk walk every day will give you the energy and desire required to make sex with your partner a must-have activity on a daily basis. Some of our customers report having sex twice daily after they started taking Korean Red Ginseng. Find out for yourself, and discover a whole new sex life.

hard erections and strong libidoGinseng : We can supply American, Korean and Siberian Ginseng. Ginseng has long been believed to be an aphrodisiac and an aid to overall well-being. As a health food supplement, Ginseng is believed to do the following:

erectile dysfunction Increase physical stamina and sexual prowess;
enhance blood flow; It is an erection-booster.
help regulate blood pressure;
slow down degeneration of cells in human body;
reduce stress;
calm nerves;
increase metabolism;
strengthen immune system;

among other beneficial effects.

We can supply Ginseng in its 100% pure form or in combination with other nutrients like Soya Lecithin, Garlic, Cayenne, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola and Royal Jelly.


Did you know that American Ginseng cools your body and lowers your blood pressure while the Korean Red warms your body and produces harder penile erections in men and engorges clitoris while improving vaginal lubrication during sex in women?

Did you know that Siberian Ginseng is NOT really Ginseng but merely a plant in the same botanical genre as American/Korean Ginseng?

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Korean Red Ginseng

100KGRD615mg12 Bottles (100 caps each)$16.99$186.95

Ultimate Ginseng

100ULTG460mg12 Bottles (100 caps each)$19.95$219.95

American Ginseng + Cayenne

100AGCY540mg12 bottles (100 caps each)$18.95$208.95

Ginseng Tea

100GTEA1.5gram12 Boxes (20 sachets each)$8.95$99.95
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order dhea, melatoninDHEA & MELATONIN

In their publication The Melatonin Miracle, Dr. William Regelson, Professor of Medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University and Dr. Walter Pierpaoli of the Biancalana-Masera Foundation for the Aged in Ancona, Italy, call Melatonin "Nature's Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting and Sex-Enhancing" wonder. Melatonin Users claim that a daily dose can slow aging, combat jet lag and protect against disease, not to mention its "wondrous" effects on one's sex life.

Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland. Experimental studies are under way to establish a physiological link between the pineal gland and the immune system. According to author Maestroni of the Center for Experimental Pathology, Lucarno, Switzerland, "The clinical use of Melatonin as an immunotherapeutic agent seems promising in primary and secondary immunodeficiencies as well as in cancer immunotherapy".

Melatonin may also be the answer to stress associated with modern living.

strong sex drive, potent libido, hard erections

NOTE: As with any dietary supplement regimen, moderation may be the key to enjoying the benefits of Melatonin. If you have any health condition such as diabetes, heart ailment, low levels of DHEA or Seasonal Affective Disorder, check with your physician before trying out Melatonin.

natural viagra

DHEA -The Growth Harmone.

A study of DHEA availability for use by body tissues during the human lifespan indicates that the DHEA levels are the highest at birth (over 1000ng/dL of blood). These large levels are required for promoting early growth and development of the body and the brain. By about age 1, DHEA levels decline to about 50ng/dL of blood as the brain tissues use up available DHEA for growth and development. Once the brain is fully developed, DHEA levels begin to increase steadily from age 2 until it peaks at age 20(about 600ng/dL of blood) with steady decline after that age. The following table gives DHEA levels at various ages of human life cycle:
DHEA Level(ng/dL)

While the physiological mechanism for the decreases in DHEA levels is not fully understood, it stands to reason that supplemental doses after age 30 can slow down or reverse the aging process.


(dehydroepiandrosterone) is believed to strengthen one's immune system, slow down aging process and increase one's sexual energy. A male user, 45, claimed that he achieved longer, harder penile erections after starting to use DHEA and his libido increased dramatically. Recently, a woman in USA claimed that after she started taking DHEA daily, her partner "couldn't keep up with her" in terms of sexual energy.

DHEA is a hormone produced by adrenal glands and typically DHEA levels decrease with age. Therefore, supplemental doses of DHEA are considered beneficial in reversing the aging process. There is research underway to establish a correlation between immune deficiency and DHEA levels and a school of thought exists that supplemental intake of DHEA can prevent the onset of immune deficiency syndrome.

dhea for erectile dysfunction

Supplemental DHEA is also considered an ideal help for weight-watchers: DHEA is believed to control the levels of the hormone responsible for producing craving; it is also believed to inhibit production of enzyme called G6PD - (Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydogenase) which is responsible for fat tissue production and growth of cancerous cells. Supplemental doses of DHEA have the potential to facilitate weight management in conjunction with other dietary regimen. If you suffer from obesity and/or you are a person under 30 craving super-model figure, check with your physician prior to DHEA intake.

In a nutshell, supplemental doses of DHEA (25-50mg) can produce overall well-being and make one live a healthy, youthful life longer. As with any dietary supplement regimen, You may want to check with your physician about the dosage levels appropriate for your condition and metabolism. However, 25-50mg daily dosage is considered harmless and beneficial for most people.


DHEA should NOT be taken by persons under the age of 30. If you are pregnant or lactating or have other health conditions, check with your doctor before starting on DHEA.

dhea for sexual powerDHEA TRIVIA

Did you know that Micronized DHEA is absorbed in blood and provides immunity to diseases and anti-aging characteristics while Regular DHEA increases your sex drive by increasing testosterone levels? Did You know that the Mexican Wild Yam (Dioscorea) merely contains "precursor" steroids that our bodies 'might' convert to DHEA and is therefore NOT DHEA?

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Micronized DHEA

100%Pharma grade

MPDHEA25mg slow-release60 tablets$16.95$12.95
Micronized DHEA

100%Pharma grade

MPDH5050mg slow-release60 tablets$21.95$16.95
Regular DHEA

100%Pharma grade

RGDHEA25mg slow-release60 tablets$16.95$12.95

100%pharma grade

PGMELT1.0mg dose90 tablets$10.95$8.95

100%pharma grade

PGMEL33.0mg dose100 tablets$20.95$16.95
Anti-Aging Cream
With DHEA &
CREAM1 JAR1 jar$24.95$18.95
Sex-Enhancing Videos
MP4 Format
For use in
Erotica50 Movies1 Set$69N/A

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